Sports Massage in Warwick

Massage Therapy in Warwick

Our massage services are delivered by experienced and qualified therapists, who specialise in working with clients post injury. We support people at varying levels, from casual sports players and weekend warriors, through to professional athletes.

Our physiotherapist and osteopath in Warwick offer deep tissue and therapeutic massage, as well as prenatal massage. Massage is a sort of manual therapy that concentrates on the muscular system of the body. It has been demonstrated to help relieve stress and anxiety symptoms, as well as tension generated by tight muscles and stiff joints. It’s a forceful but effective method for reducing symptoms associated with sports injuries and postural issues, as well as improving circulation and skeletal system integrity. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol are released, which raise your heart rate and blood sugar. These primitive reactions were designed to assist humans in surviving. Physical signs of chronic stress include headaches, stomachaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, insomnia, wrath, drug and alcohol misuse, and depression, to name a few. According to specialists, stress is estimated to be responsible for 90 percent or more of sickness. High amounts of cortisol and adrenaline have been related to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. High levels of stress hasten the ageing process both within and externally. While it may be impossible to totally eliminate stress and concern, massage may certainly help with stress management. During a massage in Warwick, stress hormones are lowered and endorphins, or “feel good” hormones, are increased. Endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine levels rise, resulting in a calm, relaxed feeling that makes chronic and acute stress far more manageable. Simply lowering your stress levels might improve your energy and attitude. Lowering cortisol and adrenaline levels can help you relax and recover, perhaps improving your health and decreasing your risk of sickness. Regular massage can assist to control blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart attack, kidney failure, and stroke. According to recent studies, massage has been shown to help cancer patients lessen pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy, as well as improve their emotional state.

What are the benefits?

Warwick Massage is an excellent way to speed up recovery following an injury or during intense training, physically, physiologically and psychologically.

  • Reduce anxiety – induces relaxation which in turn reduces anxiety.
  • Increased energy – can leave you feeling invigorated. This is particularly useful before an event.
  • Pain reduction –  helps reduce tension and releases the bodies endorphins, influencing pain perception.
  • Relaxation – muscles relax through heat generated, circulation and stretching.

Sports clubs and professionals

We work closely with a number of sports clubs and professional athletes to deliver regular massage sessions in order to promote faster recovery between training sessions. We offer exclusive team discounts for large sports clubs and sponsorship opportunities for individuals

Sports Massage in Warwick

With sports massage in Warwick, you can make good health and wellbeing a reality. As the leading physiotherapists and sports injury clinic in Warwick, we are proud of our ability to give you with therapy that makes a substantial difference. Massage therapy in Warwick can help you relax and unwind after a strenuous workout while also improving your general health and well-being. From injury therapy to post-exercise recovery, sports massage in Warwick benefits everyone from elite athletes to ordinary exercisers.

Deep Tissue Massage in Warwick

What is deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage that focuses on realigning muscles and connective tissue in the body’s deepest layers. It is particularly good for tense and restricted areas, such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and hurting shoulders. Traditional massage strokes are used, but they are slower and the pressure is deeper, focusing on areas of tension and pain.

How does deep tissue massage work?

During this session, our massage therapist in Warwick will give you a full rhythmic massage with extra firm pressure applied to any difficulty spots. This is a highly personalised massage in Warwick aimed at healing and releasing muscle tension. It also increases circulation and lowers heart rate and blood pressure while flushing toxins from the body and stimulating the immune system. Physiotherapists in Warwick are trained to recognise muscular weakness and treat conditions like whiplash and back pain. To break up any adhesion tissue, slow strokes and deep finger, hand, and forearm pressure on tight areas are employed, either across or following the fibres of the muscles, fascia, and tendons.

Therapeutic Massage in Warwick

Therapeutic massage in Warwick aims to assist people in unwinding and feeling better. Therapeutic massage stimulates the skin and nerve system while also reducing emotional and physical stress. There are various advantages to therapeutic massages. Therapeutic massages help to improve overall health, relaxation, and the decrease of tension produced by emotional stress. Therapeutic massage can generate a sense of calm and well-being by increasing feel-good hormones. Therapeutic massage in Warwick can be used to keep muscles relaxed and healthy on a regular basis. Therapeutic massage can be used by our Warwick massage therapists to treat a wide range of conditions.

Pregnancy Massage in Warwick

Massage therapy during pregnancy might help a woman feel less worried and physically uncomfortable as her due date approaches. In addition to alleviating specific aches and pains in muscles and joints, massage can serve as a general tonic and increase the expecting mother’s body awareness. Treatment can help reduce swelling in the arms and legs, as well as relieve back discomfort, when other pain management options are restricted.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy has been shown to reduce tension, reduce swelling in the arms and legs, and relieve muscle and joint aches and pains, among other benefits. Physical impediments to pregnancy that can be treated include edoema, foot, leg, or hand discomforts, and pain in the lower back, pelvis, or hips. Swedish massage improves cardiac function, placental and mammary growth, and cellular respiration, all of which are beneficial during pregnancy. It can also aid with edoema and excessive blood pressure, as well as sympathetic nervous system sedation. Deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and active and passive movements release tension in weight-bearing joints, muscles, and fascial tissues, which helps to relieve neck and back discomfort as well as uterine ligament strain.

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