Massage Therapy

Our massage services are delivered by experienced and qualified therapists, who specialise in working with clients post injury. We support people at varying levels, from casual sports players and weekend warriors, through to professional athletes.
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What are the benefits?

Massage is an excellent way to speed up recovery following an injury or during intense training, physically, physiologically and psychologically.

  • Reduce anxiety – induces relaxation which in turn reduces anxiety.
  • Increased energy – can leave you feeling invigorated. This is particularly useful before an event.
  • Pain reduction –  helps reduce tension and releases the bodies endorphins, influencing pain perception.
  • Relaxation – muscles relax through heat generated, circulation and stretching.

Sports clubs and professionals

We work closely with a number of sports clubs and professional athletes to deliver regular massage sessions in order to promote faster recovery between training sessions. We offer exclusive team discounts for large sports clubs and sponsorship opportunities for individuals

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